The Hosts - Felix Mena (L) and Turner Hunt (R)


Hey Don't Shoot is a You Tube show hosted by Felix Mena and Turner Hunt. They met in South Korea while both serving in the US Army. They share an interest in photography and digital cinematography and their mutual passion for the art of photography is brought to life in Hey Don't Shoot. The orgin of the name comes from when Felix was explaining his philosophy regarding the prospects of serving in the army in Korea, near the Demilitarized Zone, telling his friends that when he arrived to Korea he would announce to all who would listen, "Hey Don't Shoot" the logic being that if the enemy shoots, Felix would have to shoot back. In that regards, the title then takes on a double meaning.

Turner Hunt - Turner Hunt is from the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. He is currently living in North Carolina. His passions include extreme sports photography and cinematography and dreams of one day documenting his worldwide travels. He is something of an expert when it comes to film photography and film development. Turner now shoots almost exclusively on film, however, when he does shoot digital he shoots with a Fujifilm X30. His personal web site can be found at

Felix Mena - Felix G Mena is originally from Whittier, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. He has always been connected to visual and performing arts. He began at the age of 3, participating in community theater and at the age of 8 was a member of the California Boys Choir. In high school he was a cast member of the improv troup know as HiJinx and played percussion in the high school band and in a community band called The Commodores, based out of Fullerton, CA. From 1991 to 2001, he pursued a career in tennis and achieved success as a coach and country club tennis director, however, he left tennis for the promise of entrepreneurship and from 2000 to 2007 worked in and owned a variety of online properties. His former partner still maintains their web design business at It was during this exciting time that he began working in radio as well as starting his career in multimedia production, including producing digital photography and videos for the web. His first gig in radio was with R & R radio Corporation in Palm Springs, CA. working first in the promotions department and later, as a morning radio personality. He got his start with internet radio on a webmaster show he co-hosted called Amateur Masters Live and followed that with a 4 year stint as a host on the infamous (now defunct) where he went by the stage name "Chef Jeff". As an actor he has been featured in 1 major motion picture (2001 - Voyeur Confessions), was twice featured on Playboy TV. In 2008, at the age of 40, seeking a radical change in life and a challenging adventure, he enlisted in the army and has since earned numerous awards and currently holds the rank of Staff Sergeant. Unable to deny his creative pursuits, he authors the photography blog: and his personal web site is

In addition to authoring his blogs, Felix Mena is also a DJ and music producer and hosts a music Podcast for his show titled "From the DMZ" which can be downloaded on iTunes and MixCloud. For more information visit his web site at

Felix Mena is also an avid gun collector and shooting sports enthusiast. Follow his gun antics on his blog My Gun Diary and enjoy his You Tube video channel right here.